Everything that happens happened yesterday

David Byrne (my hero) and Bryan Eno (who is also, like, über cool) released a new album yesterday, available through download from http://www.everythingthathappens.com/

This website has been designed almost entirely using the latest version of flash. I've now tried to buy this using three browsers on linux (Firefox, Opera, Konqueror - yes I knew that last one was a long shot). I've rdesktopped into two windows machines, neither of which have a sufficiently up-to-date version of flash installed. And now I think I give up and go for a bootleg copy and wait till it hits a shop which can actually do e-commerce. Communications with the technical support of the company (one "topspin media") tells me they have "no alternative to a flash purchase flow". Disregarding the accessibility issues associated with using flash (screen-readers can't cope, so the partially sighted won't be able to buy this disk), it's a bit crap having a web only release which is implemented almost entirely on closed, proprietary systems.

This is particularly galling given David Byrne's political stance vis-a-vis issues like DRM (e.g. http://journal.davidbyrne.com/2006/01/drm.html). Given that there are open and accessible technologies which can do the job perfectly, why on earth use a system which closes out a sizeable minority of potential listeners?

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Three peaks have been conquered. 11 hours 15, photos to follow. My camera died half way up peak # 1 so I'm having to wait for my cousin's photos to make it onto facebook:) The photos will be funny though, 'cause there was 5 metres visibilty on peak#1, 20 metres on peak #2, and about 40 miles on peak #3.

Anyone fancies chucking in some last minute sponsorship, go ahead: http://www.justgiving.com/hannah3peaks

And if anyone wants to chuck in a recommendation for a good point and click digital with reasonable optical zoom and decent ergonomics please do. Things that don't feel like they're made of plastic FTW, and it's got to use SD cards for storage 'cause that's what I've got built into my laptop.

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Book meme....

Bold for read, italics for didn't finish, underline for read in school... no we didn't do much in school. However I'm fairly well read I think, must be having 2 english teachers as parents:-)

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